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Fortunately, many people today are concerned about the environment and sustainability. The "Green" movement has gained momentum and you may be wondering what changes you can do to conserve energy; yet still enjoy modern conveniences. After all, nobody is going to realistically give up their televisons, electric lights, and climate control in their homes. DSI Entertainment Systems understands this dilemma, and we have carefully selected certain products that conserve energy, and in addition, employ home automation and lighting control technology to intelligently coordinate your home's subsystems. Popular home automation manufacturers Crestron, AMX, Control 4, and Savant are able to serve as virtual 'energy dashboards' to display your home's energy usage in real-time (DSI Entertainment Systems designs, installs, and programs all four of these home automation brands...see links below for more brand-specific information). Energy dashboards calculate energy savings and the reduction in your carbon footprint in response to real-time electrical, water, and gas usage.

Energy-saving home automation examples:

  • if natural light from your windows meets your minimum illumination needs, the control system will automatically dim or turn off the room's lights.
  • select "Vacation" mode from your touchscreen remote control to automatically setback all thermostats to energy-conserving mode and automatically lower motorized shades or close drapery in sunlight-exposed rooms when the temperature raises to a preset temperature

Green Resources:

  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). You may read about the LEED for Homes Rating System by clicking here to visit their website or download their PDF by clicking here. Utilizing a home automation system, lighting controls, and clever audio video design, your home may qualify for LEED credits
  • NAHBGreen (National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program). Information about their green building and rating system can be seen at their website by clicking here.
  • USGBC (US Green Building Council). Read all about green home information at their Green Home Guide website by clicking here.
  • Crestron - a leading home automation products company. For further information how home automation control systems can save energy while at the same time add convenience, please download Crestron's "Green Paper" PDF by clicking here. Their green solutions page may be accessed by clicking here.
  • AMX - a leading home automation products company. Like Crestron, their home automation and integration systems connect and interact with your lighting controls, climate control, motorized shades / drapery, and energy-management systems. Clever programming between these systems adds up to reduced energy usage. 
  • Control4 - a popular home automation products company. Click here to learn about their energy management system.
  • Savant - a popular home automation products company. Click here to learn more about their home automation system and energy saving ideas.  
  • CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) digital tips "green" page. Click here to learn about recycling old electronics and other energy-savings tips. 

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    Energy saving audio video and home automation design - see a demonstration

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